ABT® Certified Teacher Benefits

- Learn the comprehensive curriculum of America’s National Ballet Company®.

- Receive the comprehensive curriculum binder, an invaluable reference tool that

includes Guidelines for Dancer Health.

- Have the opportunity to attend annual refresher courses that are offered

-Have your name listed on ABT’s website as an ABT Certified Teacher

-Receive curriculum updates and listings of special opportunities.

-Have the opportunity to observe classes at ABT’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


- Receive permission to use the ABT® National Training Curriculum logo on your

website and in promotional materials.

- List your ABT credentials in bios and announcements.

-Network with other ABT Certified teachers.

-Present your students for ABT National Training Curriculum examinations.

-Receive an official ABT National Training Curriculum certificate listing your levels

of certification.

  For more information about ABT’s National Training Curriculum please visit our

website at: